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Job Search: 2 Minute YouTube Tutorial

Job Search

To find the jobs you want, click the Job Search option on the homepage and fill in the details that are relevant to you.

Search Criteria

The search results aren’t what you expected? Try refining your search criteria.

Job Search

• Use keywords to describe your skills
• Select a post code
• Narrow your search by entering a job value in pounds
• Using the category selection you can further narrow your search

Already know the Job number?

If you are looking for a specific job, enter the job number in the Search Term field and click “Search”.

Looking for a specific business or person?

Go to the Directory and enter the name, username, or company name into the Search field and click “Search”.


What happens if I enter “decorate” into the Job Search box?
Will I receive related search results?

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How can I edit my email alert settings? Show

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