Refunds – Quote and Success Fees

This page is for tradespeople/service providers only! There is never a fee to post a job.

Refunds for quote fees are always credited to your user account, where you can use the credits for future invoices.

Basic Quotes & Success Fees

A success fee:

  • Is charged only if you are awarded the job.
  • Is set at 6% of the price of the job when awarded.
  • Carries a minimum £2.50 charge.


Nobody expects you to pay for a job that you didn’t do. In certain circumstances, a success fee can be refunded. This is done on a case-by-case basis.
For refunds, you must send customer service proof that the job was not carried out.

Proof of Job Cancellation

This can be any one of the following:

  • An email or phone call to customer service from the job poster to confirm cancellation.
  • Evidence from your user account that you made an effort to contact the job poster (more than once).
  • Proof that you have contacted the job poster via email within 7 days of the invoice being generated (you can send this to us via email – must be an attachment. We cannot accept forwarded or copied text).
  • Proof that you have contacted the job poster via telephone (you can email a scan of your phone bill with the customer’s phone number on it).

Featured Quotes/Buy Contact Details (Lead Fees)

These options allow you to contact a customer directly and discuss the job or arrange a site visit. If you are awarded the job make sure you remind the customer to go back to the site and award the job. There is no success fee if you have submitted a Featured Quote or bought contact details.


  • The fee is due immediately.
  • It is not a guarantee that you will get the job.
  • There is no success fee, so you can expect a much larger profit margin on the job.
  • Fees are calculated based on rating, performance, partner status and time on the site.
  • To select this option, run your mouse over the blue info symbol to see exactly what you are buying (phone number & email, or only email).
  • With “Buy Contact Details” you can get rated without the success fee.


There are no refunds for failed bids with Featured Quote/Buy Contact Details.
In certain cases, money may be refunded. For example:

  • If a phone number you have purchased is not in service, or is not the job poster’s correct number (wrong number)
  • If the contact details contain only an email address, and said address is not valid/in use

IMPORTANT: This is done only on a case-by-case basis and is subject to managerial review and a MyHammer test.


I paid the success fees but the job poster cancelled the job. Can I get a refund? Show

Where will you refund the money to? Show

I paid for the contact details but did not get the job, can I be refunded? Show

I don’t want to buy an email address, I would prefer a number. Show

I did the job and paid my fee but have not been paid by the customer. Do I get a refund? Show

I want a refund because the job poster was messing me around and I think the job was a fake! Show

I want a refund because the job poster never answered the phone
and the job was not awarded!

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