Quote Types

There are two principal quote types available: Basic and Featured.

Basic Quotes – Advantages

  • Free to quote (standard quote)
  • You pay a success fee only if you are awarded the job

Featured Quotes – Advantages

  • Receive customer’s contact details
  • No subsequent charges
  • Small up-front fee (calculated accordning to job budget, website activity, ratings)
  • No success fee


Do I have to pay every time I quote? Show

Which quotes carry a fee? Show

Why can other tradesmen see my qualifications when I post a “Basic Quote”? Show

When should I submit a Basic Quote? Show

Why should I submit a “Featured Quote?” Show

How long will my “Featured Quotes” be visible for? Show

Why can tradesmen who do not have an “unlimited membership”
still submit a Featured Quote on premium jobs?

Why is the company name shown instead of the username? Show

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