How to Prepare/ Submit a Quote

Two minute video tutorial:

Please make sure quotes are accurate. When quoting a job, always factor in VAT as well as any other possible costs.


• Who will provide the materials?
• Is there a payment schedule?
• Is it a flat fee or hourly charge?

Ask the Right Questions!

If you need to clarify any detail, ask a question. Click on the relevant job and in the job description box either click on “Questions About the Job” or scroll down the page to the “Questions & Answers About Jobs” section. You then have 3 contact options:

Ask Question Publicly: Ask a question about the job, which will be visible to everyone.
Request Call/Site Visit: Send your contact details to the customer, giving them the option to contact you.
Buy Contact Details: Buy the customer’s contact details and send a personalised message. Win the job with no success fee!

Choose a Quote Type

There are two types of quotes: Basic and Featured.

Basic Quote
There is no charge for quoting but the standard success fee applies only if you are awarded the job

Featured Quote
– Small up-front fee to quote
– No success fee if you win the job
– Receive the customer’s contact details

Quote Message/Text
If there are any specific terms relative to your quote then you should include them in your quote text.
Sell your company! Convince the customer of your skills and expertise

Tip: Prepare a set text which outlines your experience, qualifications and any other useful information.
Save the text and use it each time you quote.


Does the lowest quote always win the job? Show

What is a realistic quote? Show

How can I be sure that all the relevant issues regarding the job have been covered? Show

Can I amend my quote? Show

Important: You can only correct your price downwards. To put in a higher bid, submit a new quote.

The customer has set an unrealistically low budget. Should I submit my quote anyway? Show

Can I change the quote type (Basic or Featured) after quoting? Show

Can I ask the customer a question in my quote text? Show

Who can see my quote text? Show

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