‘Questions and Answers’ Forum

You can click on any specific job and ask relevant questions by choosing one of the following 4 options:
1. Ask Question Publicly.
2. Request Site Visit.
3. Buy Contact Details.
4. Send Question With Quote

1. Ask/Answer a Public Question – Firm name will only be visible to Job Poster!

• Use up to 2,000 characters.
• You may not use this function to submit a quote.
• You may not include personal information such as company name, location, phone number, email address etc.

2. Request a Call-Back or Site Visit

• You can request a call-back or a site visit.
• The customer will receive an email containing your request, your contact information and a description of your business.

3. Purchase Customer Contact Details

• You have the option to purchase contact details provided the customer has agreed to have their details publicised.
• You will receive the customer’s contact details and may contact them directly with any questions you may have.
There is no success fee if you are awarded a job for which you have purchased contact details!
• Make sure the job is awarded over the platform and that you get your rating.

4. Send a Question with your Quote

• You can ask a question as part of your quote.
• When you click on “Quote Now,” you can edit the quote amount and the “Quote Text.”
• You can use the “Quote Text” field to ask any further questions, or to give more information about your company.


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