MyHammer Quality Code

Quality Code
Status: 19.12.2008

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The MyHammer Quality Code is set up to foster a relationship of trust between the job poster and the tradesmen/service provider.  The code functions in addition to the MyHammer ratings system and provides recommendations for best practice when using MyHammer to find work.

1. Punctuality
Time is money – and wasting time is wasting money. If a tradesman/service provider cannot keep the arranged appointment, (s)he should inform the customer as soon as possible. In the event of postponement, the tradesman/service provider should offer an alternative date.

2. Timely Completion of Jobs
For the majority of jobs, completion by a certain date is important. The tradesman/service provider should establish an expected completion date before starting work.

The tradesman/service provider should work towards the proposed completion date as closely as possible. Sometimes unforeseen difficulties arise, and in this situation the tradesman/ service provider should inform the customer as early as possible.

3. Fast Response Time
The customer may have multiple questions throughout the job. As such, the tradesman/service provider is the primary point of contact and they should endeavour to answer all questions as soon as possible (within 48 hours).

4. Quality Material
The tradesman/service provider should only use materials whose supplier and origin can be proven if the customer should ask.

5. Qualification and Motivation
The quality of the finished job rests with the tradesman/service provider, therefore a tradesman/service provider should only perform jobs that (s)he is qualified to do. A tradesman / service provider should be able and willing to provide proof of qualification of themselves or co-workers upon request.

6. Compensation for Missing Deadlines
If a tradesman/service provider – irrespective of the reason – cannot complete parts of the job which (s)he has been awarded, they have the responsibility to find an alternative solution. When awarded the job, they must assume responsibility for every aspect of it.

7. Noncompliance with the MyHammer Quality Code
The tradesman/service provider should understand that ignoring the code of conduct may have a negative impact on ratings. MyHammer reserves the right impose platform sanctions on users who violate the code of conduct in the same way as for a breach of the terms and conditions.

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