Payment Options

As a Premium Partner, you have the choice to pay your invoices by PayPal or with a valid credit/debit card. All payments and card details are secured using SSL technology, which means your details are safe.

Please inform your bank in advance that “MyHammer AG” will be debiting money from your account.

Current Payment Method

Under “My Account” -> “My Data” -> “Payment Options” you can see and change your current payment method as required.

If you would like to make changes, simply click on the link “Change Data” and a new page will open, where you can enter the new account information.

Change Payment Method

To change your payment method:

Step 1: Click on the desired payment method.
Step 2: Verify your choice by clicking on the “Save Payment Details” button.
Step 3: Fill out the form with the appropriate information and verify your changes.

  • For credit card payment, a box will appear, where you can enter your card details.
  • For the verification number, please enter the last three digits that are on/next to the signature strip on the back of the card.
  • For payment with PayPal, a new page will open, where you can register.


If I choose the PayPal payment method, do I already have to be registered with PayPal? Show

Why do I need to have a valid payment method in my account? Show

I would like to pay with my VISA card. Where can I find the verification number I need to enter? Show

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