My Reviews

When a job is complete, you are encouraged to rate the tradesperson who carried it out.
Tradesman and service providers can also rate job posters.


  • On this page, you can see all your ratings – received and given.
  • The number in brackets behind “Received” tells you how many times you have been evaluated by other users.
  • Click on “Detailed Reviews” to view the comments and how many stars were awarded.


  • As soon as you have been awarded a job, the review will appear in “My Reviews” -> “Pending”.
  • Click on “Rate User” and the reviews page will open. Fill out the review, including your comments, in detail.

Important: To maintain high standards on the platform, remember to rate every job. Reviews are very important references for our tradesmen/service providers and serve as a calling card.

More information can be found under Submitting Reviews.


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