My Quotes

To view your quote activity, click on the “My Quotes” link when you log in and go to “My Account”.

Current Quotes

  • Click here to view and edit your quotes.
  • To change quote information or submit new quotes, click on “Change Quote” or “Submit Additional Quotes”.
  • Your quotes will be shown for the entire quoting period and an additional 30 days. After that, unsuccessful quotes are automatically moved to the “Jobs Lost” page.

Quote Requests

  • When a customer has found previous quotes you submitted in our job archive. (Quote Search) s/he can request a similar quote from you.
  • You will receive an email explaining that a customer wants you to submit a quote on her/his job. Look at the job and submit your quote.

Jobs Won

  • As soon as a customer has accepted your quote. the job is saved under “Jobs Won”.
  • Here you can view current quotes, as well as earlier quotes which were awarded, in detail.
  • Click on the job you wish to view in either the “Status” or “Title” columns.
  • To see the customers contact info for a recently awarded job, simply click on it.

Jobs Lost

  • For your records and to help you improve your quoting, we document and save the jobs where you were unlucky.
  • To view these jobs, click on the small orange link labelled “show”.

Observed Jobs

  • You can view all the jobs on your observed list here,
  • Under “Time Remaining” you can see how much longer a quote will run for.
  • If you don’t want to observe a particular quote any longer, put a tick in the box in front of the quote and then click “Delete”.


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