My Profile (Current Data)

Keep your profile up to date?

Keep you profile up to date and let potential customers know who you are and what your firm is all about. Make sure your contact details are correct and displayed in your Directory profile.

What information should I include in my profile?

Address, landline number, mobile number, fax, email and your website url

Premium Partners’ data will also displayed on iPhones making it easier for potential customers to make contact even on the move

The “first picture” is the key so take your times and give a good impression of yourself or your firm. You can upload as many photos as you want to have in your profile.

We ask that you only submit photos to which you have the rights to. We reserve the right to delete photos without prior notice if they violate the website Terms & Conditions

Profile Description
Make sure you enter all the important information in your description. How long have you been in business? What are your skills and qualifications? Why should a customer choose your firm?

Certificates and Documents:
Customers need to know they can trust you with their specialised jobs. Upload your certificates, qualifications, and memberships into your profile and distinguish yourself from the competition. Go to the “Upload Documents” link in your account and follow the instructions.

Show good work:
Show off you previous jobs to potential customers. Load your photos up on the „References” section of your profile (Edit Profile). “Before and After” photos are particularly popular!

To Edit your Profile:
Step 1: Log in and go to “My Account”.
Step 2: Go to „My Data” -> “My Profile (Current Data)” -> “Edit Profile”
Step 3: Click to change your information on the “Edit Profile” in the top right of the screen.
You will then see a pencil icon next to all areas you can edit.
Step 4: To edit simply click on the pencil
Step 5: Click the orange “Save” button to confirm changes.

To Upload Images:
Step 1: Log in and go to “My Account”.
Step 2: Go to „My Data” -> “My Profile (Current Data)” -> “Edit Profile” (above right)
Step 3: Click on “Edit Picture”. A new window will open.
Step 4: Use the “Browse” button to find and select the image you wish to use
Step 5: Click the “Open” button to upload the image
Step 6: Enter an “Image title”
Step 7: Don’t forget to save!

Repeat these steps to upload more photos into your profile.


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