My Partner Status

Partner status at a glance

  • You’ll find information about your partner status under “My Account” -> “My Data” -> “My Partner Status”
    At the top you can see which Partner Package you have
  • If you have chosen the “Premium Unlimited” then you have the ‘access all areas’ membership
  • If you have a different membership you can change this by clicking on “Change Membership Status” and following the instructions.

Change Categories and Search Words

Change Categories: This allows you to change the areas of expertise that you are interested in e.g. plumbing, carpentry etc. Click on the double arrow next to a relevant category to move it in to the right hand column. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page to save any changes

Change Search Words: This allows you to change the keywords which people might use to find you. You can choose up to 25 keywords which are relevant to you and your company. Enter the search term and click “add.” When you have finished, click “Save Search Terms” to save.


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How can I remove a search term? Show

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How can a customer tell if I am a MyHammer Premium Member? Show

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