Job Radar and Saved Searches

Saved Searches and Job Radar send you email alerts of local jobs as they appear on the MyHammer website. You can modify, refine or delete your searches at any time in your account dashboard.

Job Radar

  • When you want to review or edit your saved searches, log in and go to “My Account” ->”My Settings” and then click on the “Job Radar and Saved Searches” link on the left.
  • Alternatively, you can use the ‘Job Search’ to find jobs and then save your search

  • You can then access your Saved Searches in your account in a box on the top left of your screen titled “My Saved Searches”

  • How Can I Change or Create a New Search?

    Step 1: Log in and go into the search box on the top left of the screen “My Saved Searches” and click on the “Edit saved searches” link.
    Step 2: You can alter the search data in the boxes on the left of your screen – click the “Refine Search” button.
    Step 3: If you want include the new search in your “Saved Searches”, click on the
    orange “Save your search” link located at the top of your screen beside the search title and postcode.

    There are 2 options when saving a new search:
    1) To create a new search and retain old one, select “Implement newly saved search” and click “Save Search”.
    2) To create a new search and delete the old one, select “Replace existing search” and enter a new search title in “Saved Search Title”. Click “Save the search” to save.

    Delete Saved Searches

    To delete saved searches go to “My Account” -> “My Settings” and click on the link “Job Radar and Saved Searches”. Select the search that you want to delete and click the option “Delete Search”.

    Create and Edit Job Radar

    When you save a search, you create a ‘Job Radar’ which alerts you to jobs in your area via email alert at a predetermined time. Click on the “Edit / Deactivate” to set your preferred time or deactivate the radar alerts.

    Job Search: 2 Minute YouTube Tutorial

    You can see a short tutorial video when you click the following link: HOW TO FIND JOBS ON MYHAMMER


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