How To Change Your Directory Categories

When you register as a craftsman, tradesman or service provider, you automatically receive a profile entry in the MyHammer Directory. Make sure you place your firm in the category which best suits your skill set.


Or – follow the steps below.

Change Your Categories

  • Log in, go to MyAccount, and click on ‘My Partner Status’.

  • Click on the orange ‘Change Categories’ link.

  • Delete present catagories by clicking on the small red circle beside each category.
  • Add new categories by clicking on the links on the left and choosing from the blue options
  • You can choose up to 4 categories. Once you’ve chosen your catetories, click the orange ‘Continue’ button located bottom right.
  • Click ‘Save Search Terms’ to save your new category and search terms.

  • FAQ

    I am already listed under 'Miscellaneous Trades', why should I move categories now? Show

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